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Open Programmes

SCMHRD conducts open programs in the area of Leadership Development, Conflict and Negotiation skill, Industrial Relations, Team Building, Sales & Marketing skills, HR Analytics, Finance for Non Finance, Warehouse and Supply Chain Management, etc. These programmes are in the nature of 'open-enrollment' courses with participation open to all practicing/experienced managers and/or executives.

The pedagogy employed involves various teaching methods such as case studies, simulations, role plays, closed group analyses, and applied learning projects, interspersed with lecture sessions on theory and practice. The sessions are essentially interactive, and participants are encouraged to question assumptions, identify opportunities and solve complex problems. The return on investment for the participants as well as the sponsoring organizations is high. The training motivates the participant to look at his own work with a new perspective and better skills to take up future challenges.

Custom Designed Programmes

SCMHRD also offer exclusive custom-designed programmes, to address specific corporate training mandates from individual organisations. Under this format, courses are designed in collaboration with the client organisation, and scheduled at a mutually convenient date and venue. Such programmes can be domain-specific as in Human Resource (HR), Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance, Strategy, Leadership, Business Analytics, Infrastructure management, etc or inter-disciplinary, involving an optimal mix of multiple functional areas. Currently, SCMHRD is working with companies, creating cutting-edge training modules that give their employees the right skill sets that help them excel in the organization.

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